Frigg & Fulla


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A fun little project of mine.

What people wear can say a lot about them. I noticed how easily conversations start by a simple comment about an item of clothing.


I wanted to create opportunities for people to talk about important issues by creating eye catching garments that would spark up conversations.

The name 'Frigg and Fulla' comes from the names of two Goddesses in Norse mythology. Frigg would confide in Fulla her secrets.

The logo takes inspiration from Runes, an ancient alphabet associated with Norse history.

Good Causes

The Giant Panda has been officially taken off the 'Endangered' list thanks to relentless conservation efforts. Although its still classified as ''vulnerable' its a step in the right direction in the fight against the destruction of numerous animal species. 

This top aims to promote conservation, and a donation is made to WWF for each sold.