Advancing protection from head trauma


Hexr Helmets


Exterior shell concepts


Hexr are re-imagining head protection by producing the world’s first bespoke 3D printed helmets at scale.


When the business was nothing more than a research project, I was approached by the founder to help define the look and feel for the exterior shell that would house the internal 3D printed structure.


These concepts would be used to capture the imaginations of potential investors as well as form the foundation for further design iterations.

The structure.jpg

Inspired by nature

Hexr developed a unique honeycomb structure, designed around each individual's head-form. This allows for significantly better shock absorption, comfort, and aerodynamics compared to conventional foam helmets.


Design development

Conceptualisation of a road and time trial shell.

TT_ Development.jpg

Renders created by Hexr

Photo from Ed (2).jpg
Photo from Ed (3).jpg