Phone protection you can see at night


Visible 24/7


3 x iPhone Case designs


Glowing polymers pose a number of unique manufacturing challenges. Visible 24/7 had been contracted to mass produce several iPhone case designs for an international supplier, Lumdoo.


I helped to take the proposed concepts to market by redesigning them to meet the manufacturing and cost constraints necessary to make these products viable.


Lumdoo proposed a number of concepts using Visible 24/7's patented glowing material technology. Understanding how this material behaves is key to producing a design that can be manufactured at scale.

case composition.png

The redesign

Using the old design as a reference I remodeled several concepts around the iPhone 6. 

3D Print Image_bw_OP.jpg


Manufacturing tooling is expensive. 3D printing is a great way to ensure the product is fit for purpose before it hits production.

cases line_OP.jpg

Final product

Injection molded at Visible 24/7's facility in China and distributed to suppliers around the world.