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Building an all-inclusive motorsport experience


Motorsport Live


Audit (UX/ UI)

Proposal (User flow & mockups)


Motorsport Live (part of Motorsport Network) provide tickets and hospitality packages for a range of motorsport events globally. As well as increasing conversion on their e-commerce platform they were looking to transition away from being perceived as simply a ‘ticket provider’ to a supplier of ‘all-inclusive motorsport experiences’. This called for a re-evaluation of both the customer experience and brand.


As part of a larger project, I conducted a review of the user flow when purchasing online and proposed a new design approach.

Existing Site.jpg

Existing site

The existing site was overwhelming as a result of an the ongoing addition of products and features without reviewing what this meant for the user.


Due to the diversity and volume of products across the site, choice paralysis became a problem unless you had a very specific idea of what you were looking for. To combat this, my approach was to reduce the options per page and create more context around each option.

Selection Process.png


A new direction featuring a minimalist colour palette, utilising shadow and tonal variation to create depth. A contrasting brand yellow guides the user through the purchasing process and an improved search functionality allows for better navigation.


Raised surface - select/ deselect option

Below surface - data entry

Yellow outline - next step in the journey

Yellow fill - selected option

Key additions

Suggested improvements to the experience.

search maplist.jpg

Search - Interactive map search.

Track Map.jpg

Context - Understanding the ticket purchase relative to location.

Overview purchaseb.jpg


Using booking information to suggest flights and accommodation options at checkout. 

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