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Spreading the word on climate change in NYC


Virgin Racing


Branson's Race Suite & Helmet

Empire State Building Lighting Scheme

Innovation Summit Branding


Virgin Racing wanted to leave an impression on New York for the penultimate round of the 2016-17 Formula E Season. They planned various events for the race weekend with Sir Richard Branson aimed at promoting the team and their mission to create a more sustainable future.

I was tasked with deciding on how this would look.

Empire State Building

Lighting up the Empire State Building in the Team's colours to mark the reveal of a new 'reserve driver'.

Helmet Development.jpg
S3 Richard.jpg
closup retouched_OP.jpg


Helmet Painter - Jens Musner Designs

lighting esb_OP.jpg

Innovation Summit

A discussion highlighting the importance of businesses to lead the race against climate change.

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