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The Kafue Foundation


Brand Identity



As the second largest national park in Africa, the Kafue National Park is on the front line of illegal wildlife trade. It’s now the fourth largest criminal industry after drugs, arms and human trafficking. 

The Kafue Foundation was set up to support organisations and initiatives that work to protect and educate the Kafue National Park – community and wildlife. 

They needed to build a brand around the organisation that would build trust in the eyes of investors and partners as well as establish a digital presence that would help them to build new relationships.

The Logo

Inspiration comes from the Pangolin, a small insect eating mammal that defends itself from predators with a protective layer of scales. There are two species of Pangolin that live in Africa. They are under significant threat due the illegal trade of their skin, scales and meat. 

Similar to a Pangolin scale, The Kafue Foundation derives its strength from working together with others to protect against those wishing to do harm. 

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Brand elements

It was vital to create a set of assets that looked at home online as well in the heart of the African bush.

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A digital presence

A website to encourage an online community that supports people working on the front line.

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