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Bright futures are built on bright ideas

...but what use is that idea if no one cares about it?

We live in a world of infinite choice and many startups fail because we simply don't notice them. I believe that it’s a combination of experiences and storytelling that separates brand from business and fan from consumer. The most successful brands can even feel like family - sticking together through thick and thin. 

Why have consumers when you could have fans?

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Who's eddy?

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My name is Edward Couldwell and I do design and all sorts of creative stuff.


Whether you are selling homemade handbags or building a multimillion-pound fintech, my experience in both product and marketing has made me useful to anyone looking to get that big idea out into the world.

I work with clients across three key areas that I believe to be vital to building something people will want to tell their friends about.

The Problem

What problem are you solving for people? Is it important? Will people pay for it? What should the product look like?

The Experience

How do the interactions with your product or business make people feel? Is it convenient? Is it exciting? Would someone recommend it?

The Story

What’s the story you are telling people? Does it make sense? Are you telling it to the right people? Are you telling it to enough people? Is it memorable? Is it inspiring?

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