Bright futures are built on bright ideas

...but what use is that idea if no one cares about it?

We live in a world of infinite choice and many startups fail because we simply don't notice them. I believe that it’s a combination of experiences and storytelling that separates brand from business and fan from consumer. The most successful brands can even feel like family - sticking together through thick and thin. 

Why have consumers when you could have fans?

My name is Edward Couldwell and I use design to help launch and grow businesses. I’m fascinated by the wider application of design and its capacity for good. I’m slightly more competitive than most ‘creative types’ and my design process is about being better than you were yesterday in order to get closer to your objective - not just about making things look pretty (although I do try).


I’ve spent years working in both product and marketing and am now focusing on linking the two – balancing the ‘what’ with the ‘why’.


Need help putting that idea out into the world?

I might be your guy.

Who's eddy?

How I work

Growth Plan

from £600 per month

Greatness doesn’t happen overnight.


I support your business on a flexible monthly retainer helping you build your brand with design led strategy.


Price on request

For specific requirements such as:


  • Brand identity

  • Website

  • Product development

  • Content strategy

  • UX

Not sure which is right for you? Drop me an email on and we can 'talk shop'.

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