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So, you've made a thing.

Better still...

Someone is willing to pay you money for that thing. Even better still -  you are able to make a profit.

Sounds like you’ve got yourself a business!

But there's a problem

We live in a noisy world, full of stuff. Many startups fail because we simply don’t notice them.

So, what can you do about it?

Build a brand

(not just a business)

Why? Because great brands have fans. Fans are customers who will go the extra mile to buy your thing and perhaps, even sell it for you.

They can make the difference between thriving or surviving against competition, recessions, global pandemic or just bad luck.

But maybe you enjoy the thrill of the revenue rollercoaster?

What the F is brand?

Brand is a fancy word to measure how people feel about your business. And whether we like it or not, feelings influence choice.

Do you want people to choose your product, just because its the cheapest?

How do you build a brand?

If how people feel towards your business is determined by the experience they have with it, then the goal should be better quality experiences and more of then.

Simple right? Not quite.

The plot thickens

Humans are odd. Unlike chimps, the right story can completely reframe an experience.

The most successful brands in the world combine delightful experiences with powerful stories.

This is where I come in

Who's eddy?

I’m a designer who believes that a bright future depends on the success of bright ideas.

I use know-how in product, branding, campaigns and good old-fashioned common sense to take your bright idea from zero to one and beyond.

I’ve worked with 20+ founders to boost traction during that slippery startup phase.

Currently, I’m working at Beryl to make cities more liveable.

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Some nice words from some nice peeps

Working with Eddy is like a cold lemonade in a calm breeze on a summer's day. Working with him is refreshing. He never stresses and everything he creates ends up looking beautiful.

Sarah Page, Comms Manager

Eddy is a rarity in his field. He combines extensive commercial acumen with a serious talent for design. He’s a great listener and genuinely curious but he also challenges assumptions using evidence whenever appropriate. He delivers on a clear plan and is extremely enjoyable to work with.

Graham Hutchings, CEO

We needed to get some tube ads made up asap for a campaign we were running across London. Eddy developed amazing creative ideas with spot on delivery.

Jules Robertson, Founder

Eddy is always great to work with. Like lots of organisations, we need to move quickly and once Eddy agrees to a project he delivers!  No fuss, just great work - creative, challenging and fun.

Kenny Baillie, Directior of Partnerships & Comms

Really enjoyed working with Eddy who helped us overhaul our brand and redefine our value proposition. I highly recommend Eddy and his customer centric and strategic approach!

Will Hoyer Millar, Founder

It was a pleasure working with Eddy on the set up of our charity. The early start up phase is rife with frustrations and challenges. He was able to find great little hacks and work arounds whilst others were distracted by expensive, shiny and unnecessary solutions.

Olly Hicks, Explorer and Conservationist
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